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You can configure the following email service settings for individual domains (Open Hosting Management => Email tab > Select Domain > Email Settings):

  • Status of the e-mail service. You can switch the e-mail service for a domain on or off (activate e-mail service on this domain).

    Note: The e-mail service for a domain must be switched off if an external e-mail service (such as Gmail, Office365) is used: Turning off the local e-mail service ensures correct e-mail delivery.

  • Undeliverability messages for e-mails (bounce). By default, when someone sends an e-mail message to an e-mail address that does not exist in your domain, the mail server accepts the e-mail by default, processes it, and returns any e-mail that does not have an appropriate recipient in the domain to the sender with an error message. You have the following options:

    • Further return of such e-mails to the senders (option Bounce (send back) with message)

    • Forward such emails to the email address you provided (Forward to Address option). This is also called the catch-all address.

      Please note: The forwarding address must belong to the same domain for which you are modifying the email bounce settings. However, if you want to specify an external email address (i.e. outside the domain) or an address for multiple domains, contact the FireStorm Support Team directly.

    • Forward such emails to another mail server with the specified IP address using the option Forward to external mail server with the following IP address (only available for Windows hosting).

    • Reject such emails without any acceptance. If the sender’s SMTP client behaves correctly, it will generate the undeliverable message “Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table” (Reject option).

  • Webmail. If your service package allows you to select the webmail program for domains, you can select the webmail program here in your email settings.

This is how you configure the email service for a single domain:

  1. Log in to the Hosting Administration
  2. Go to Websites & Domains and find the domain for which you want to change the email settings.
  3. In the domain settings, click E-mail Settings.
  4. Edit the settings and click OK.

How to configure the email service for multiple domains at once:

  1. Go to E-mail and open the E-mail Settings tab.

  2. Select the desired domains in the list of domains by clicking the corresponding checkboxes.

  3. Click on the appropriate buttons in the toolbar (Activate/deactivate services, Webmail, Limit e-mails for non-existent users or Outgoing messages) and edit the settings.

    As a result, all previously selected domains have the same email service settings.

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