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Conditions to be fulfilled

These depend on whether you have your own server or use a web hosting service from another provider. When you host with us, all requirements are automatically met.

If you have your own server, you must create the certification request yourself (read the corresponding Knowledge Base article) and then import or include the certificate yourself (read the instructions linked to the certificate in the e-mail). We would also be happy to take over these steps for you as part of our installation service at a fixed price. In addition to the necessary procedure, you need a separate IP address for each SSL site. If your server has 1 IP address and it is not already used by an SSL site, you can use it. However, be aware that if you host customers on your server and they use the same IP address without SSL, you may be confused if they try to access their site via SSL and then end up on the only SSL site. We therefore recommend, if possible, that you always use a separate IP address for each SSL site. Please ask your hosting provider about the conditions under which you can obtain an additional IP address. If this is used for SSL, your provider should have no problem getting it from the RIPE if he does not have sufficient reserve. IP sharing, as it is possible with normal websites, is not possible with SSL due to the protocol standard.

If you use the web hosting offer of another provider, first inquire whether it provides you with “real” SSL (no Shared SSL, read the corresponding Knowledge Base article) and also allows “third-party certificates” (i.e. not directly from your web host possibly offered certificates). If your web host offers you both, ask them to create the certification request for you and install the certificate after we issue it. Please inquire in advance whether your webhoster offers this service free of charge or at a certain price.

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