How can I request a new password?

To receive a new password, go to the web administration (https://sr** and click on’Forgot password’, then enter your e-mail address and customer number under user name. You will shortly receive the new password by e-mail.

When will the products be blocked?

Products will be blocked as soon as you receive the 3rd reminder.

Where can I find the manuals?

You can find the manuals in the web administration on the right side under ‘Manuals’.

Where can I change my address data?

You can change the address data in the web administration under ‘My data’.

Where can I manage the domain?

You can manage the domain in the web administration by logging in and then clicking on ‘Manage Domains’.

How and where can I cancel?

When? Our products must be cancelled 30 days before the next invoice.
How? You can cancel your subscription via the web administration interface. Log into the web administration and click on’Manage Domains’ ->’on the magnifying glass’ ->’Delete / Transfer Domain’. The domain holder will then receive a link by email to confirm the cancellation. The cancellation form for hosting can be found in the web administration under ‘Manage hosting’ => ‘red X’.

How do I change my address data?

You can easily change the address data in the web administration under ‘My data’.


Which ports should I use when setting up my mail account?

We recommend that you use the following ports to set up your mail account:
POP with SSL: 995
IMAP with SSL: 993
SMTP with SSL: 465
All mail instructions can also be found on the web administration under ‘Manuals’.

Where can I make adjustments to my domain?

In our web administration you can make new DNS entries or change name servers. These functions can be found under’Manage Domains’ > Select a domain.

What can I do if I have forgotten my access data?

Try to recover your access data. To do this, click on the login page on ‘Forgot your password? ’. You will then be asked for your e-mail address and user name. As soon as these data have been entered correctly you will receive an email to reset your password. If this process is not possible you can write us an e-mail and we will send you new access data to the e-mail address stored with us.

How can I install the free SSL certificate?

Log into the administration interface and click on “Websites & Domains” on the left side. Then click on “Let’s Encrypt” under your domain. On the next page, activate the checkbox’Add as an alternative domain name’. After installing the certificate, you can activate permanent forwarding from HTTP to HTTPS under the hosting settings, if desired.

How can I activate an SSL certificate on forwarding?

First make sure that the certificate is already activated for the domain (if not follow the FAQ guide “How to install the free SSL certificate? Then create a separate folder “redirect” with the FileManager and create the file ‘.htaccess’ in the new folder. Fill it with the following content: ErrorDocument 404 https://www.zieldomain.tld/
Afterwards you only have to redirect the’document master’ to the new directory “redirect” in the hosting settings of the website.