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This is FireStorm Meetup

With the Meetup from Firestorm we provide you with a videoconferencing platform with which you can conduct private or business conferences for free and securely. With the integrated chat function every participant can give his opinion when another participant is speaking.  But also with the screen sharing every participant can freely share his ideas. If participants have a webcam, you can also use it to look them in the eye, even if they are not sitting opposite each other. This is of course freely adjustable, whether and when the camera should be switched on or off. The same applies to the microphone. The microphone can also be switched on and off at will.
Meetup is provided for free by FireStorm to make a contribution to the society because of Covid-19.


Our most secure meetup ever

To ensure your privacy, FireStorm secures Meetup with SSL. You do not need to provide any personal information, so you can have anonymous video conferences.

SSL secured

No personal data

Password encryptiong

Invited guests only


Features of the FireStorm Meetup

A chat function

Screen sharing

Android, iOS, PC, Mac

Free video conference platform

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Webcam and microphone can be switched on and off