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What is the new SiteDesigner V2?

The SiteDesigner V2 is exactly what you are looking for. A simple and intuitive tool to create your individual website. The homepage construction kit for small and medium-sized companies, private individuals and professional web designers.

Choose the design of your choice and create your own website in no time at all, which is as unique as you are. Let your creativity run wild. The SiteDesigner V2 homepage construction kit makes it possible.

It couldn’t be better


now free

Free training

If you order a SiteDesigner package from us, we will give you 1 SiteDesigner training of up to 30 minutes worth CHF 80.00. During this training we recommend you to ask all questions to use the 30 minutes completely. After this training, every request of 15 minutes or more will be charged with the support costs of CHF 40.00 per 15 minutes.

as easy as pie


Creating a website is now quick and easy with our SiteDesigner V2. Without technical knowledge, you can create your own personal website.

quick & elegant to your goal
Intuitive website builder
What you get

1. select design

Choose from hundreds of professional design templates or create your own.

2. text and images

Write text, post images, use social media, Google Maps and more.

3. adjust design – done

Customize your site to your personal wishes and make your website unique.


Widget for all cases


With this widget you can display a gallery and let your visitors browse through all your photos.


You can display several pictures in a row with a slideshow. Your customers can browse through the pictures.


We have also integrated the Google Maps tool so that customers can find and visit you even better.


Customers can contact you personally through your own website. You define the contact fields freely.


So that you can exchange and download files quickly and easily, the Dropbox module is available to you.


With our PDF Download Widget you can provide your visitors with your PDF directly online.


You love making movies? Then the Youtube widget is the one for you. You can link your YouTube movies.


You like selling things? Then the PayPal Checkout Button is just perfect. This allows you to sell items directly online.


Receive payments in your own online shop from your customers via PostFinance with the yellow postcard or with credit cards.




You don’t like your design anymore? No problem! Just choose a different design and all your content will be taken over.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is included in all packages. To make Google find your site even better.


With Google Analtytics you can analyze your web visitors and find out better what they are interested in on your website.


You have created the website with your own code and your site no longer works? No problem with the debug mode.


You can add your own programm code to your homepage to customize your website even more.


You don’t have to worry about updates anymore. We make sure that the software is always up-to-date.

Online Shop included

Creating an online shop has never been easier. The OnlineShop is included in every SiteDesigner offer.

3 Steps to your own Online Shop
Successful selling

Simply a winner


Choose from hundreds of professional shop templates and edit them.


Add descriptions, details, payment methods, currencies and much more.


Create product, add photo and text. Publish your website and your shop.

We love to help


You don’t know how to start or need support? No problem! Contact us, we support you until you have your perfect website that you deserve.


Your decisive advantages

Drag & Drop

Assemble your website from individual components, which you simply drag & drop with the mouse where you want them to be placed in the design.

Simple operation

The site designer is the perfect tool. It is easy to use and allows you to create and maintain your website without much effort.


What you see is what you get! You create the content exactly as it will be displayed to the visitor. That way you have everything in view.

Company on the Internet

Show your company at its best, attract more customers and increase your success. You leave the technical challenges to us.

always up-to-date software

You take care of the content, we take care of the software updates and make your website work.

OnlineShop included

Your personal online shop is included in every offer. You can get started right away and sell your stuff online.

management tool

Become more successful and make yourself visible on the Web. With our SEO tool for search engine optimization you stay on the forefront.

It couldn’t be better


We offer the right solution for every need. If you are unsure which package is right for you, you can contact us or try out our SiteDesigner for 14 days for free with the demo package. If you have any questions, just contact us and we will be happy to advise you personally.

Individual offers


Let us create your website

Would you prefer your website to be run by a full professional? No problem! Just let our web design team create your website. You don’t have to worry about anything. We offer you tailor-made solutions from CHF 450, which exactly meet your requirements. Our creative web designers are happy to design a personal website especially for you, with or without an online shop. You can then customize the content of the website to suit your own individual ideas. We look forward to your project!

For web designers and agencies

Are you a freelance web designer or are you part of an agency? Then you are definitely interested in SiteDesigner. SiteDesigner was developed especially for you to meet the needs of your customers. You can create professional website templates for your customers, which they can then manage online in SiteDesigner. You sell your own design to your customers and/or personally maintain the website for your customers. SiteDesigner is an ideal product that minimizes your investment and negative customer feedback. The FireStorm team is available to assist you and can also provide training if required. We would be happy to advise you personally for an individual offer.

SiteDesigner Training

You are not sure how to start with your website? We will be happy to help you. Our regular training sessions show you step by step how to use SiteDesigner and what it can do for you. Just contact us and we will make an appointment with you personally. We are looking forward to your inquiry.



Let our web designers create your website. We offer tailor-made solutions from CHF 450. If the packages do not correspond to your wishes, ask the price by sending us what you need for your desired package and we will make you a new offer. You can adapt the website content to your ideas after the completion of the website.

Design Start

CHF 450/uniquely
  • incl. 5 undersides
  • Content supplied by client
  • incl. 5 h to create website
    each additional hour 180.- CHF / h
  • Individualization design template
    (colors, fonts, layout)
  • search engine optimization

Design Business

CHF 750/uniquely
  • incl. 10 undersides 
  • Content supplied by client
  • incl. 10 h to create website
    each additional hour 180.- CHF / h
  • Individualization design template
    (colors, fonts, layout)
  • search engine optimization

Design Premium

CHF 900/uniquely
  • incl. 15 undersides
  • Content supplied by client
  • incl. 15 h to create website
    each additional hour 180.- CHF / h
  • Individualization design template
    (colors, fonts, layout)
  • search engine optimization

Design Special

on request
  • Subpages by arrangement
  • Content is being created
  • Prices individual
    per hour 180.- CHF
  • Individualization Design template
    (colors, fonts, layout)
  • search engine optimization

What is our site designer anyway?

With our SiteDesigner we offer all FireStorm customers a very special tool. It is a tool that helps you to easily create and design your website. To be more precise, our site designer is a homepage construction kit that is aimed at a wide variety of people and customers.
Because besides small and medium-sized companies the site designer is also suitable for professional web designers. In addition, private individuals can also use the site designer without difficulty and benefit from its versatile possibilities. No matter which group you belong to and no matter which website project you want to realize, our site designer is a useful and intuitive tool with which you can realize your ideas.
With the Sitedesigner V2 we have once again revised and improved our popular Sitedesigner. The second version combines a multitude of great functions and possibilities for the creation of professional websites. You can easily choose your desired design and quickly customize your own website. There are no limits to your creativity, because our Sitedesigner V2 makes everything possible.
The best thing about Sitedesigner is that it can be used without any technical knowledge. So you don’t have to be able to program and can still create an individual and professional website that is in no way inferior to other websites. From different design templates you choose your favorite and individualize this template to the smallest detail. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and a touch of creativity.

The simple functionality of our site designer simply explained

Our site designer combines simple operation with a wide range of functions. Simply create a website without any technical expertise. That’s why you can implement your website projects quickly and easily with this homepage construction kit. The usage is basically divided into only three steps (choose from many design templates, edit, publish, done!):
First you have to choose a suitable design. You can simply enter a keyword, such as “Blog”, and select a design template from the results. Just take a look at the many different designs and choose one that suits you and your ideas. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also create your own custom design.
The second step is to fill your website with content. This includes subpages, texts, pictures and many more possibilities. So write your first text and add some nice pictures. You can create a contact form or integrate social media and Google Maps into your website.
Finally, customize the design according to your ideas. The focus is on the uniqueness and a harmonious overall picture. Here again you have free play and can implement your wishes in the best possible way without previous knowledge.


One tool, countless possibilities – with the Sitedesigner

The site designer offers users a large number of different possibilities. The best thing is to try them out yourself and get to know them in practice. At this point we would like to list the possibilities of the Sitedesigner only once in short form.
Besides the online administration of your websites we offer responsive webdesigns for the compatibility with all devices and browsers. In addition, you can choose your designs freely, individualize and change at any time. So you become your own web designer and decide for yourself how your website looks like. Adapt your website to your wishes as well as the wishes of your visitors and customers. Put your ideas exactly into practice and inspire everyone with the site designer of FireStorm.
There are no unnecessary functions or confusing possibilities so that our homepage construction kit can really be used by everyone. The site designer has exactly what you need to let your creativity run wild. The different modules and widgets are ideal for this. With the Sitedesigner you can build and manage your own blog or online shop in addition to a normal website.


Individual offers for our site designer

In addition to the large functional range of our site designer, we offer our FireStorm customers a number of addons. So you can easily have your website professionally created for a fair price. We also offer special options for web designers and agencies. With professional and target-oriented site designer training, we also make groups fit for the implementation of optimal websites using our FireStorm site designer. In addition, there is also the possibility to design and manage your own inline shop with the site designer.
In summary, our site designer is an intuitive construction kit for your desired website. It is easy to use and suitable for creating your personal designs and websites. In addition, you can easily manage your website online with Sitedesigner.
The websites you create with the Sitedesigner, as well as all changes are immediately posted on the Internet and are directly visible to the visitors of your website. In addition, our site designer offers you a responsive design, with the help of which your visitors can optimally display your website on all devices. Whether they access your site from their computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your website stays the same. All this is possible without any technical knowledge, so you can start right away with our site designer.
If at any time you have any questions or problems with the site designer, our professional support team is always at your disposal. We will be happy to help you and resolve any ambiguities and difficulties you may have. Sitedesigner – our homepage construction kit from Switzerland. Register now and try it for free!