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Why a DNS packet?

With our DNS package you can create and manage your own DNS zones for your domain name. There are several entries available on our 4 DNS server. The DNS servers are distributed all over Europe for security reasons. You can quickly and easily, via our web interface in real time, manage large domain portfolios and use your own domain name as DNS server like ns1.myefirma.tld, ns2.meinefirma.tld. For all domain names registered with us, this package is included in the domain price.

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For every need


DNS Basic

from 3.50 CHF
  • Number of zones: 5
  • DNS server: 4
  • aut. DNSSEC
  • web administration


from 6.90 CHF
  • Number of zones: 50
  • DNS server: 4
  • aut. DNSSEC
  • web administration

DNS Business

from 12.00 CHF
  • Number of zones: 1000
  • DNS server: 4
  • aut. DNSSEC
  • web administration

Practical and useful

Supported Entries


With A-entries you can forward a subdomain or domain to a server with IPv4 IP address.


AAAA entries allow you to redirect a subdomain or domain to an IPv6 IP address.


With a CAA entry you can protect your domain from malicious certificate issuance.


With CNAME entries you can forward a subdomain to a server with a domain name.


With the MX record you can determine to which mail server your emails are forwarded.


Use the NS entries to add separate DNS servers to your domain name.


The SRV entries are used for services such as Microsoft Exchange Server / Microsoft Office365.


With the TXT entry you can store any values to protect e.g. your domains against misuse.

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