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We are known as the most secure registrar. With a domain you give your website a name and Firestorm makes sure that your name is registered properly and securely and that nobody else can use your name. The domain names are available with all possible endings. Check above in the search form whether your desired name is still free. You do not have to worry about the registration, we take care of that. All domain names include Domain Protection free of charge and optionally you can also use our Whois Privacy so that nobody else can read your data.

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Whether business, shopping or sports: At FireStorm you will find the right domain for your successful internet presence and enjoy numerous advantages – from simple domain transfer to maximum data protection. Get your desired domain as long as it is available!

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DNSSEC – secure domain

FireStorm automatically activates the secure DNSsec registration with every domain registration and thus provides the most secure domains ever!

1500+ domain extensions

.ch, .com, .de or .info? FireStorm has it all! Choose from over 1500 domain extensions and grab the perfect extension for your desired domain and your target group!

Favourable prices

Good domain hosting does not have to be expensive! We offer you transparent prices, uncomplicated renewals and a lot of service for little money. Features like DNS hosting or change of ownership are free of charge!

Simple domain transfer

You already have a domain? Then we take care of the move and make the domain transfer as easy as possible for you! Sit back, relax and let us do the work for you

Central management

Whether you have 5, 10 or 100 domains, FireStorm lets you manage all your domains centrally and saves you a lot of effort. You only need to log in once and have immediate access to your domains!

Maximum domain data protection

Your data is in reliable hands with us. We offer you an all-round carefree data protection package that protects your privacy, prevents abuse and lets you fall asleep without worries


With us you can register your domain directly with all important search engines, so that your site can be found.


For each domain name an unlimited number of DNS entries are included in the domain price. Create A, CNAME, MX records and many more.

Domain redirect inclusive

For each domain registration you have a domain forwarding included.

Conclusion: For the rest of your life?

The choice of your domain name resembles in a way a wedding. You have to be absolutely sure. Will you still love your domain name in a few years? You should, because once you decide, renaming is difficult – and costs you a lot of time, money, your branding and Google ranking. A domain change is especially problematic if your website has been active for a long time

Especially for you

ID Protection

For only 12.- CHF per year and domain we protect your personal information. This ensures that no one can read your data through the WHOIS database and harass you by phone or in person. ID-Protection always includes Domain Privacy and WHOIS Privacy. Protect your personal data now with the FireStorm ID-Protection package.

WHOIS Privacy protects you from identity theft. Your address data will not be published in the public WHOIS database. This is already included in the domain price for .ch, .li, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .eu and .de! Order an ID Protection Package now, so that your personal data will not be passed on to the registry!

DOMAIN Privacy protects your personal address data also at the registry. Your personal address data will not be passed on to the registry. Your personal data will also not be entered into the WHOIS servers. It provides protection against stalkers, address abuse, advertising contact and your contact address will not be forwarded to the registry. Instead of your contact information, the Domain Privacy Service will be used as your contact address. Legitimate requests will be forwarded to you.

Quiz question: What is the most important thing for a successful website? A flawless user experience? Unique content or perhaps simple navigation? All wrong. It’s the domain name. Because it is not only the figurehead and foundation of every successful internet presence, the domain name also plays an important role for search engines. Here are 10 practical tips to help you find a suitable domain name.

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10 tips: How to find the perfect domain name for your website

Tip #1: Choose a suitable domain extension

First you should choose a domain extension for your website. Which one should you choose? That depends mainly on your target group. Who are your readers and potential customers? From which country do you want to attract the most visitors?

Tip #2: Be unforgettable

There are probably billions of registered domain names on the Internet. You still want to stand out and be remembered by your visitors? Then choose a domain name that is memorable and appealing.

Tip #3: Be easy to type

Your domain name will not work if you have to spell it several times until it is understood. This is especially important for word-of-mouth propaganda. Therefore avoid long and complex domain names.

Tip #4: Shorter is always better

Short domain names are better because they are easy to remember, easy to tell – and also easy and fast to type on the smartphone. Ideally, you should summarize your domain name in one word.

Tip #5: No special characters, umlauts, numbers & hyphens

For some years now, special characters and umlauts have also been possible when choosing a domain. This is not recommendable. Why not? Because many users are now accustomed to transcribing umlauts in the URL.

Tip #6: Beware of trends

Most trends will fade at some point. Therefore, choose a classic name that is not tied to a trend or a fad. In this way you ensure that your domain name will still be up-to-date and attract visitors in a few years time.

Tip #7: Check Social Media

Nowadays little goes without social media. Social platforms are especially important for directing traffic to your website. Before you register your domain name, you should therefore search Facebook & Co for your desired name.

Tip #8: Check similar domain names

Your domain name must not only be memorable but also unique. Therefore, check whether websites with a similar name exist. Also pay attention to the singular and plural.

Tip #9: Watch out for trademark infringements

Trademark infringements are the Super Gau. Imagine you invest many months of hard work in your domain – and then have to give it up because of trademark infringement.

Tip #10: Also an assigned domain is possible

When looking for a domain name, you will notice relatively quickly: many domains are already occupied. However, if they are not actively used, these domains may still be available.

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You will receive support by phone, e-mail and chat or you can ask your questions personally in Tann and speak directly to a technician.

Personal supporter

With us, it is not just anyone on the phone, but your own personal supporter. He knows all your wishes and requests, so that you don’t have to tell everything over and over again.

Several years of experience

Since 1998 we have been working with computers and are constantly training ourselves further. We are old hands in the webhosting business and know our way around.

Fast response times

If it is urgent, we will prioritize your requests and provide all necessary resources for your request, ensuring that your website is available around the clock.

24h monitoring

We do not leave our servers alone. The servers are monitored around the clock 24 hours a day. In case of an emergency, technicians are alerted by email and SMS.

24h fault service

Should you have urgent questions or problems that need to be solved outside of our opening hours, our emergency number is available for you.

local specialists

We love challenges! We have hired the best technicians and the biggest computer cracks to solve your problems as fast as possible and can also intervene on site.

Further training

We constantly develop and educate ourselves further. Computer technology is changing fast, so it is imperative that we keep up to date and adapt.

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