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DDOS Protection

What is DDOS and how does FireStorm protect?

Unfortunately it is nowadays everyday the services provided on the Internet are deliberately attacked by 3rd persons with a DoS attack (Denial of Service). The aim of such an attack is to paralyze the servers and disrupt uninterrupted operation. Hacked computers, servers and mobile phones are often used as so-called botnets to produce gigantic amounts of data. The consequences of this attack are slow loading times of your website, email service or even a total server failure. FireStorm protects your websites, servers, applications and services to protect against these threats. We use devices and firewalls that detect and repel the attack patterns at an early stage. The so-called Hardware Application and with the filter technology you are best protected against such attacks and this for free with all our services.


The hardware FireWall detects not only the amount of traffic and packets but also other packets and uses certain patterns to determine the type of attack in order to block it. The task of the FireWall is now to reliably detect these packages. For this we use several different filter technologies from different manufacturers which we update every 10 minutes and so the FireWall reliably detects the attacks.


The challenge-response procedure is a secure authentication method which legitimizes the traffic due to simple and complicated confirmations. In addition, the FireWall learns how to block malicious access based on usage behavior. Our procedures make all FireStorm services even better protected against attacks. As a rule, our filtering method does not influence your service. DDoS protection is always active and is available to all our customers free of charge.
If you have any further questions about network security or DDoS protection, please contact us.