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Change the appearance of your page

Design, fonts and colors are easy to change. There are also many different templates available.

There are three different ways to change the look of your website:

  • Templates
  • Lateral styles
  • Style of content



Change templates

And you can simply select your template the first time you log in. The template can also be changed afterwards. You can also access the templates via the template selection.

1. Click on template selection to see all your templates and templates.


After you have changed your website, you can use the “Preview” button to see how the content matches your template.



Lateral styles

Use page styles to change colors and fonts throughout the site.

And that’s how you change side styles:

1. Open the Pages & Folders menu


2. Click the More button (⋮) next to your website name and select page styles



And which styles can be changed now?

You can customize the following styles and colors on your website:

Page background

Page background color

Page content styles


Reset page styles:

You can also reset page styles with the “Reset all styles” button. You will find the button at the bottom of the control panel.


Content styles

Content styles are a set of options because the colors and fonts for a particular type of content can change.

Access content styles:

1. Position the mouse pointer over the content and 2. Click on the setting icon in the upper left corner



3. Then click on the Style tab in the sidebar at the top of the page

Content types

Style changes made to a particular type of content will therefore be applied to all other instances of that content type on your website.


Change style

To change a style, proceed as follows:

First, click the style you want to change and click the Back button (<) once the changes have been made.


Change colors

There are three ways to select a color:

First: Selecting from the predefined palette

Second: as well as with the color wheel

Third: Adding a hexadecimal color


Change fonts and typography

Font and typography can be changed as follows:

The font itself as well as the weight or thickness and size as well as the line height (the distance between lines of text) and by the letter spacing.

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