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Import contacts into Horde

1. On your computer on drive C: create a new folder named ‘Contacts’.

2. Mark all contacts in the contact overview in Outlook (CTRL + A) and select in the menu bar under ‘Start => Forward contact => as business card’.
Depending on the number of contacts, the process may take a few minutes. A new email will then appear with the .vcf files attached.

2. Mark all .vcf files in the attachment and copy them (CTRL & C) to the directory ‘Contacts’ on your hard disk (CTRL & V).

3. In Windows, click ‘Start -> Run’ and enter the following command: ‘’. A black box then appears.

4. Execute the following two commands:

cd c:\kontaktecopy
/b *.vcf meineKontakte.vcf

Now all .vcf files are merged.


4. Now open the webmail horde and click on ‘Organize => Address book => Import/Export’. select
vCard as format.
Click on ‘Browse‘ and select the following file:

Confirm the import by pressing the ‘Next’ button.

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