VM hangs: Booting from Harddisk

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Proxmox VM hangs: Booting from Harddisk

The virtual VM does not start and only shows ‘Booting from Harddisk’. The virtual machine requires UEFI to boot. This is how you configure the UEFI boot mode if the firmware cannot find the boot loader:

  1. Make sure you have enabled UEFI boot in Proxmox and the UEFI partition has been added.
  2. Start the VM and press ESC to get to the OVMF menu.
  3. Then select “Boot Maintenance Manager”:
  4. Then “Boot Options” -> “Add Boot Option” -> select the disc with the Efi System Partition.
  5. Select the hard disc drive with the ESP:
  6. Navigate in the folder structure to your boot loader, e.g.: EFI/debian/grubx64.efi or Fedora: EFI/fedora/shimx64-fedora.efi.
  7. Name the file (“Enter the description”) and “Commit Change”.
  8. Use “Change Boot Order” to place the new entry at the beginning.
  9. Press the Enter key, select the boot entry with the arrow keys and move it up or down with ‘+’ and ‘-‘. Then press the enter key again and confirm your changes:
  10. The last step is to reset the VM via OVMF, after which it should boot with the boot entry that has just been configured.
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