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Distribution lists Microsoft365


1. create contact

  • Register with admin.microsoft.de
  • Go to the menu item “contacts”.
  • Select Add contact.
  • Enter your external employee with his or her e-mail address.


2. Create a group

  • Click on Active Groups.
  • Click on Add Groups.
  • Select the item “Distribution”.
  • Define a name, e.g. “Control” and a description of the distribution group to be created.
  • Define the e-mail address to which the e-mails are to be sent. For example Steuern@YourDomain.ch.
  • Complete the operation by clicking [Create Group].
  • It may take a moment for the newly created distribution list to appear in the list of active groups.


3. distributing members

  • Click on the name of the created group (mailing list).
  • Click on Members to the right of General.
  • Click [View All and Manage Proprietary Members].
  • Click [Add Members].
  • Select all members you want to add to the group.
  • Click the [Save] button.
  • Click [Close] when all members have been added and saved.


4. test

  • Write a test e-mail to the newly created group, e.g. Steuern@YourDomain.ch.
    All group members should now have received a copy of this test email.
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