Enlarge partition at Ubuntu 16.04

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To enlarge the partition, proceed as follows:  

Please keep in mind that there may be problems if the main partition is over 2 TByte in size! Please make a data backup beforehand!  

  1. Increase vServer disk size via the host system
  2. Boot the server with the Ubuntu Live Desktop CD
  3. Launch now Gparted
  4. If the SWAP partition is in the way, right click on the SWAP partition and click ‘SWAPOFF’.
  5. Now delete the SWAP partition
  6. Move the extended partition to the end of the available space
  7. Enlarge the main partition afterwards
  8. Now add the file system linux-swap at the end again
  9. Save the changes
  10. If the SWAP partition is not taken over, you will need to recreate the SWAP partition.
  11. Now right click on the SWAP partition and select ‘SWAPON’.
  12. Restart the system to normal. The boot process can also take a little longer to initialize the larger partition
  13. check with df -h if all partitions, especially the SWAP partition is activated. Use top to check if the SWAP drive is active.
  14. If the SWAP drive is missing, you can mount the SWAP drive as follows :
    blkid -o list -w /dev/nullswapon /dev/sda5

  15. If the main drive has not been enlarged, run the following command :
    lvextend --resizefs -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/sr65--vg-root


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