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The links that appear below some Google search results are called sitelinks. They are designed to help users navigate your site. Google’s systems analyse the link structure of your website. This helps to find ways to save users time and to provide the desired information quickly.


  1. The main search result
  2. Sitelinks
    Google displays the sitelinks for search results when they consider them useful to users. If the structure of your website does not allow algorithms to search for appropriate sitelinks, or if Google believes that sitelinks for your website are not relevant to a user’s search query, they will not be displayed.
    Currently, sitelinks are automated by Google. Google is constantly working to improve the algorithms for sitelinks and may integrate webmaster input in the future. However, you can use best practices to improve the quality of your sitelinks. For example, you should use anchor text and alt text for your web page’s internal links that is informative and compact, and avoid repetition if possible.


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