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Our cloud storage spaces can be easily mounted under Linux.

To be able to mount the cloud memory without problems it is necessary to install the package davfs2 first:

Debian / Ubuntu:

[code language=”bash”]apt-get install davfs2[/code]

CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE:

[code language=”bash”]yum install davfs2[/code]

Then you have to add your user to the “davfs2″ group:

[code language=”bash”]usermod -aG davfs2 <username>[/code]

Now you create the directory which will be linked to the cloud:

[code language=”bash”]mkdir ~/cloud[/code]

Now you can use the following command to mount your cloud memory into the system:

[code language=”bash”]mount -t davfs -o noe xec ~/cloud[/code]


If you get the following error when executing the “mount” command:

[code language=”bash”]/sbin/mount.davfs: Warning: the server cannot lock files[/code]

If you need to make the following change in the file “/etc/davfs2/davf s2.conf”
:Comment use_locks and set the value to “0”:

[code language=”bash”]use_locks 0[/code]

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