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How can I find my website faster on Google?

1. Enter search terms
You can fill in the fields Keywords and Description in the SiteDesigner under the pages and menu items of each menu item. Under Description you describe what the website is about. Here is a link to instructions for the SEO: . In Wordpress you can manage the SEO optimization on the left menu bar.


2. Are the correct domain names registered?
To make it easier for you to be found, it helps if you have multiple domain names, such as tü,, tü, tü, tü, etc.


3. Are the search words in the text?
Images can make a website look nice, but Google mainly searches the text. That’s why it’s important that you mention the keywords you’re looking for on the site and that you have enough text on your site to make it easy for people to find you. Also use keywords you have stored in the SEO.


4. Is the loading time of the website in order?
Be careful not to use too large images on the website so that the website loads quickly. Install WP-Rocket at Wordpress Plugin to load your website faster. SSL certificate automatically loads the page faster


5. Format text headings correctly
The fonts H1, H2 and H3 can help you to be found better on Google. The main heading H1 informs search engines and makes readers curious. H2-H6 structure the text and provide orientation.


6. Do you use social media?
It is also very important that you use social media, like for example:

  • Google Business
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

If you use a lot of hashtags in your posts and link your website to your profile, it will also help Google find you faster.


7. Still need Google Analytics?
If you want to have an overview of your visitors on the website, then log in to Google Analytics In addition to the visitor overview, you have many other functions that you can use via Google Analytics. Once you’ve signed in to Google Analytics, you can enter your tracking ID in Site Designer in Page Preferences, and then in Google Analytics. In Wordpress you can also add the Traking ID by going to Google Analytics in the bottom left corner and then to Tracking ID.


8. Is your domain registered with the search engine?
If you want to register your domains with the search engine, follow this link:


9. is the domain protected with an SSL certificate?
You should make sure that your website can be reached via https. For websites at Firestorm the SSL certificate is activated automatically.


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