Fixing Synology file system errors

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Fixing Synology file system errors

If the file errors in the Synology are not fixed via the interface, you can solve the problem as follows:


  1. Deactivate all important services such as mail server etc. on the Synology
  2. Log into the Synology via SSH
  3. Then execute the following bash commands.
    By the way, you can list all hard drive pools with “fdisk -l”.

    synostgvolume --unmount -p /volume1
    vgchange -ay
    fsck.ext3 -yvf /dev/mapper/cachedev_0

    If you receive a memory allocation error message after starting the FSCK, follow these instructions:

  4. Connect a USB stick formatted with FAT 32 as the following path: /volumeUSB1/usbshare/
  5. Create an /etc/e2fsck.conf file as follows:
    directory = /var/cache/e2fsck
  6. Then run the FSCK again.
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