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Forward page

Use page redirects if you have replaced a page and want to redirect visitors to a newer version.


Redirection types

There are two different types of diversions:

301 Permanent

The 301 redirection indicates a permanent change. Search engines recognize the redirection and re-index the web page.

302 temporary

The 302 redirect is temporary, which means that the old or original page remains indexed by search engines. A 302 redirection should not be a permanent solution since both sides are still indexed and this affects the ranking of the old and new sides.


Adding a Redirection

1. Click on Page Settings.



2. then click on diversion.

3. And now click on Add a detour or the + key.

Create a redirect


4. Now add the name of the page from which you want to redirect your visitors.

5. Select the page to which you want to redirect them.

6. Then click on Save.

Adding a Redirection


7. And now you return to the page “Redirection“, where you can see all currently active redirections.

Redirect page

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