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Determine tax rates

Tax RatesThisdocument
is intended to show you how to add a tax rate to your business. If you have questions about tax rates, you should ask them to a tax professional.


To add tax rates:

  1. Click on Shop
Store icon


2. Click Settings and then VAT.


If you have not yet set up your shop, you must add at least one shipping fee. You can only set a tax rate for one place you deliver to. On the tax side you will be prompted to add a shipping fee before you can add any tax rates.




You must have set up at least one shipping method before you can add a tax rate.

Once you have added at least one shipping method:

  1. Activate Activate VAT
  2. Activate Activate VAT for your country
  3. Enter your VAT rate
  4. Click on Save


When is the tax calculated?

The tax is calculated at checkout and levied on the total value of all items in the shopping cart.

The shipping costs are not taxable.

Discount codes are applied before the tax is added to the shopping basket value.

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