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Report SPAM Mails

FireStorm filters over 99.9% of incoming SPAM messages. Nevertheless, it can happen that you get a SPAM message. In order to improve our SPAM filter, we need the messages with all information. Note that we can’t block all SPAM’s, especially from providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

  1. Open a new blank email and move the new blank email to the left side of the screen so you can see the rest of the emails.
  2. Copy the desired email(s) into the empty email by “pressing and dragging” the mouse button. The emails are then listed next to the paper clip. (file attachment with all header lines)
  3. Now add the desired text to the empty email as usual and send the unwanted messages to

We will then check your messages and adjust our SPAM filters if necessary.


Enamel with 2 SPAM units
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