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Mobile and mobile phone quick start

The SiteDesigner will run on most iOS and Android phones


Recommended Browser

  • For iPhones we recommend the use of Safari
  • For Android mobile phones we recommend the use of Chrome



We use the word ‘desktop’ to refer to any type of computer with a large screen.

Three important menus

  1. Main Menu – Switch to another application like Blog or Shop
  2. Add content – add new images, text, or other content to your website
  3. Publish – Makes your website visible on the web
the most important menus


Add content

This is how you add content to your page:

  1. Tap the Add Content button
  2. then drag any position from the content area to the page
  3. and then Move the content on the page

Add content


Desktop preview and page layout

To see what your website looks like for desktop users:

1. Tap the preview icon

Preview icon


2. Then tap on the desktop icon

Desktop preview


Publish your website

The first time you publish your website, you may be prompted to choose a temporary domain name.

When you publish your website, it becomes visible on the World Wide Web (www) on the Internet. When you make changes to your website, you will need to republish the webpage to make the new changes visible.

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