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Important questions about domains

What is a domain?

A domain is an Internet address under which your website is available on the Internet. This can be e.g. A domain is unique and must be registered for a fee. The registration is valid for 1 year depending on the domain extension.


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What should I bear in mind when choosing a domain?

Register domain names that are short and easy to remember (such as gartencenter.tld, garage-schmidt.tld etc). The domain should also be related to your website or company. Several different domain names can have a positive effect on your googleranking and make sure that your competitors don’t snatch a similar-sounding domain name from you. We would be happy to advise you personally on the correct selection of your domain name.


Are domains registered with FireStorm secure?

FireStorm ensures that all your domains are kept safe with us. We are also an official registrar of .ch and .li domains. We implement the highest security precautions so that all your domains are securely protected with us. Domain names, for example, are protected against manipulation by multiple authentication. You can also activate 2-factor authentication via your mobile phone. Your personal address data can also be protected by our WHOIS Privacy Service, depending on the domain extension.


Which services are included in the domain registration?

When you buy a domain name, the registration, DNS records, DNS server and contact details are included in the price. In addition, our search engine registration is available to you free of charge. You can easily manage your domain online via our administration interface at


What’s Whois?

With the Whois you can check if your desired domain is already occupied. With the protocol you can also retrieve IP addresses, domain names and other stored data.


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I would like to register a domain which is already occupied

In this case, contact us directly. It is possible to buy already registered domain names from the owner. Our domain specialists will try to contact the owner. FireStorm will handle the processing and transfer of the domain for you. We strongly advise against buying already registered domain names on your own.


Can the DNS servers be changed?

You can adjust and change the DNS servers stored on your domain at any time.


Can DNS entries (A, CNAME, MX, etc.) be customized?

Yes, you can manage all DNS entries of your domain online. Our DNS service package is available to you for every domain registration. You can find more information about the DNS entries in the ‘DNS Service‘ section.


Which address data can be changed?

Depending on the domain extension you can mainly change 3 address data. You can customize the owner, administrative and technical contact of your domain. You change the address data online under => Domains => Tool => Contacts.


What must be taken into account for the stored address?

The deposited contact address must be reachable by mail. The deposited address data are also published in the respective public registers of the respective domain extension, in the so-called WHOIS databases. Depending on the domain extension, your address data may also be protected by our WHOIS Privacy Service.


Can any domain extension be registered by anyone?

No. There are domain extensions such as .swiss or .eu which may only be ordered by a certain group of persons or companies. In such cases, FireStorm may act as an intermediary.


How can I transfer a domain?

To transfer a domain to FireStorm, send us the transfer code (or Auth-Code) of your domain name when ordering or afterwards. And if you want to transfer away from us, cancel it via the administration interface.


Are the previous maturities transferred after a transfer?

This depends on the domain extension. For all .ch and .li domains we take over already paid fees, so that you don’t have to pay twice.


Will I remain the owner of the domain even after a transfer?

Even after a transfer to us, you remain the owner of your own domain.


How can I cancel a domain?

To cancel a domain open the administration page Then open domains => tool => announce / transfer. Now follow the wizard to perform the cancellation. Once all invoices have been paid and the cancellation period has been observed, you will receive a confirmation of cancellation from us with your personal transfer code.


How long are the notice periods?

The cancellation period of a domain depends on the domain extension. The cancellation period is at least 30 days before the renewal of the subscription. Note that a domain cannot be cancelled during the cancellation period.


What happens after I cancel a domain?

After a cancellation, the domain remains active until it either expires and is deleted or is transferred to another provider. After a transfer to another provider or when deleting the domain, the services of your domain such as your website, emails, FTP etc. are no longer accessible via us. Already paid registration fees expire. Make sure you backed up all your data early. After the deletion of your domain, the domain can be registered again for 3rd persons. Remember, unused hosting space must be cancelled separately.


Restoring a deleted domain

In such a case, please contact us immediately. During a very short period of time, the domain can be restored even after a domain deletion. However, this depends on the domain extension in question. The costs of a recovery vary depending on the domain extension and usually amount to 10 times the annual fee.




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