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You want to change the domain of a Microsoft365 account or transfer the domain from one account to the other, but in doing so you need to completely log out of the Microsoft365 account and log in again on the client computers.

How to do this, we explain here:

Start => Settings => System => Sharing => Manage my accounts => Access work or school account. Select account and click on ‘Disconnect‘. Repeat the process until there is no account left.

Start Word => File => Open account, then click on “logout” and close Word. Repeat this until no account is shown.


Start => Control Panel => Email => create a new Outlook profile. Exit the Email Installation Wizard without creating an email account. Then start Outlook normally without email account and set up email account normally and follow the wizard.

IMPORTANT: Leave the checkbox “Allow my organization to manage my device” checked. Do not add another account, but start Outlook directly. With Outlook started, add more accounts and restart Outlook.



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