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Undo changes

You can undo the most recent content changes you’ve made to your homepage. Once you have made a change, a notification will appear offering a undo option (see below).


Not every action can be undone

The Undo option is not displayed if the action cannot be undone.


Changes that cannot be undone

– Picture content: The fields “title” and “description” are divided by each instance of this picture, so that changes to these fields cannot be undone. For example, if you add the same image twice, it will have the same name.

Changes to other image fields, including changes to the image itself, can be undone.

– Buy PayPal now: The fields “Account email” and “Currency” are shared by each instance of this button, so changes to these fields cannot be undone.

Changes to other fields can be undone.

– Delete pages and make changes to page settings, such as page names.

– Delete content widgets


Content without cancellation

– Disqus: The only setting within Disqus is the “shortname” for the selected Disqus account.

– Blog Search: This content has no settings.

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