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How to copy WordPress to another domain

In this tutorial we will show you how to copy an existing Wordpress installation to a second domain name. This is useful if, for example, you want to continue using the design on several websites.


Step 1: If you have not already added your domain to your hosting, you will need to add the new domain to your hosting. Click Close when the loading process is complete.




Step 2: After you have added your new domain, click on “Clone” (1) in the dashboard.




Step 3: Now activate “Existing domain or subdomain” and select your new domain. You can also use any subdomain. If you want the website to be displayed directly when you open the website, you must empty the path (1). Then click on “Start” (2). When the cloning process is finished, click on “Close”.







Step 4: To secure the website with SSL, you still need to install the free SSL certificate so that you can open your page with the new domain without error messages. To do this, click on “No certificate” (1) then on “Get SSL/TLS certificate” (2) then “Install free basic certificate from Let’s Encrypt”(1).










Step 5: When you have clicked on Install, you must make sure that you have ticked “Protect domain name”, “Protect www subdomain for the domain and all selected aliases”, “Protect webmail on this domain” and “Assign certificate to e-mail domain”. Then you can click on “Use free of charge”.



Step 6: Open the website and check if Wordpress is installed correctly.



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