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Enable Directory Listing

By default, the server is set so that it does not list the folder contents if a start page is missing, for security reasons. Follow these instructions to list the folder contents anyway.


  1. Create an .htaccess file in the desired folder with the following content:


    Options +Indexes


  2. Open settings for Apache & nginx
  3. As an alternative to the .htaccess file, you can also enter the following in the HTTP and HTTPS instructions:
    <Location /unterordner/>
        Options +Indexes

    Tip: If you want to activate the directory listing for all subfolders, change the value from <location /subfolder/> to <location />.

    Make sure that you have activated the proxy mode. As in the screenshot:

  4. Now open the PHP settings according to the following picture:
  5. Now activate FPM applications served by Apache:
  6. Now wait 1 minute and open your folder again. The files are now listed:
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