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Wildcard certificate

Wildcard certificates protect any number of subdomains of a domain (e.g. ftp.musterdomain.ch, mail.musterdomain.ch, www.musterdomain.ch, *.musterdomain.ch). Because you only need a single wildcard certificate instead of many individual certificates, the wildcard certificate is a cost-effective and efficient solution for many organizations.

For wildcard certificates please enter your general name (CN) according to the scheme *.musterdomain.ch, this protects e.g. mail.musterdomain.ch, www.musterdomain.ch and www2.musterdomain.ch. But attention: It does not protect musterdomain.ch, www.de.musterdomain.ch and www.us.musterdomain.ch. To also protect musterdomain.ch you have to buy a separate simple certificate, for www.de.musterdomain.ch and www.us.musterdomain.ch you can only buy wildcards for *.de.musterdomain.ch and *.us.musterdomain.ch. Multi-level wildcard certificates *.*.musterdomain.ch are supported by most servers and browsers, but not by Internet Explorer and therefore not offered by any certification authority.

Please note that even with a wildcard certificate, you usually need a separate IP address for each autonomous SSL site, whereby newer Apache and IIS versions, in contrast to the SSL standard, now also allow IP sharing if the SSL sites use the same certificate.

When licensing additional physical machines, the product lines Lite, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum differ significantly in price: while Platinum charges the full price for each additional physical machine, Lite, Bronze, Silver and Gold charge additional physical machines free of charge.

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