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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving search engine rankings by optimizing content and other information search engines seek.

The search ranking is influenced by many things, including links from other sites and good quality of content. A good place to learn more about SEO is https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo.


Change your SEO details

1. Click on Page Settings.

Page settings


2. Then click on SEO.

SEO page


About SEO


This title will be set as the default for each page on your website.


Page title

Use unique page titles for each page on your website. This helps with indexing.



The main language used on the website.


Description of the

This is a summary of your website that is displayed by search engines to help people decide whether or not to visit your website.

Listing in Google


Description tips

– Keep the text short – under 150 characters.

– Be as concise and informative as possible.


Key words

These are words and phrases that help search engines link your website content to a relevant search.


Keyword tips

– Keywords should be used consistently across your website – in content, page titles, and in your SEO settings.

– Update your keywords regularly.

– Try to use keywords that actually represent your website, rather than words you think are popular.

– You shouldn’t repeat keywords.


Page Settings and SEO

Every page of your website needs some basic SEO information.

Enter a title and description for each page.

1. Click on the More button (⋮)

2. then select Edit page settings.

Edit page settings


3. Title in Navigation is the page title that appears on your web page.

4. Titles in the browser may contain some letter additional information about your website. For example: “Mountain Tours – Contact”.

5. Page URL is the path to the page e.g. www.yoursite.com/tours – in most cases you can leave this unchanged.

6. Page Status If you want this page to be hidden when the web page is published, e.g. if it is not yet finished, set the status to Offline.

7. Keywords Some descriptive keywords for your website – don’t repeat words or use too many.

8. Description Should be a short description of the page as it should appear in a search engine list.

Page settings


Learn More

If you want your website to work well in search engines, it’s worth learning a little more about how page titles and descriptions are used by Google.




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