Certification Requirement (CSR)

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Certification Requirement (CSR)

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a confused string of characters that contains the data selected and entered by the applicant, such as the Internet address to be protected, the certificate holder and their address, and links this public data to the public key that will later be confirmed by the certificate. With the certification requirement and, for the technology, primarily the public key, the private key is also generated, which remains with the applicant, should not be published and, since it is later inseparably linked to the certificate, should also be secured in a secure place.

The certification requirement is digitally confirmed by a certification body after successful verification of the applicant with the frequently supplementary information such as street and postal code. This is also called signing or certifying the certification requirement digitally.

The certificate that results from this is again a confused character string, which the applicant inserts on the server with the remaining private key (depending on the server software) and connects to a designated IP. Often the server software requires a restart afterwards to put the certificate into operation.

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