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How to find out the allocated storage space in Plesk


Here is a guide on how to find out how much disk space you have in Plesk and how much disk space you have already used.


Step 1: Log in to the server via SSA.



Step 2: Then enter the command below. For “Username”, enter the username of the Plesk Reseller.

plesk db -Ne "select id from clients where parent_id in (select id from clients where login = '$RESELLER') or login = '$RESELLER'" > /tmp/$RESELLER.CLIDS
cat /dev/null > /tmp/$RESELLER.SUBS; cat /tmp/$RESELLER.CLIDS | while read CLID; do plesk db -Ne "select name from domains where cl_id=$CLID and webspace_id=0" >> /tmp/$RESELLER.SUBS; done
cat /dev/null > /tmp/$RESELLER.DUSAGE; cat /tmp/$RESELLER.SUBS | while read SUB; do plesk bin subscription --info $SUB | egrep "Domain name:"\|"Disk space limit:"\|"Size:"\|"Owner's contact name:" >> /tmp/$RESELLER.DUSAGE; echo "---------------------------" >> /tmp/$RESELLER.DUSAGE; done; echo "Stats file: /tmp/$RESELLER.DUSAGE";
cat /dev/null > /tmp/$RESELLER.SUBS; cat /tmp/$RESELLER.CLIDS | while read CLID CLLOGIN; do plesk db -Ne "select id, name from domains where cl_id=$CLID and webspace_id=0" >> /tmp/$RESELLER.SUBS; done >> /tmp/$RESELLER.SUBS
/tmp/$RESELLER.disk_space; cat /tmp/$RESELLER.SUBS | while read SUBID SUBNAME; do NEWVAL=`plesk db -Ne "SELECT round(value/1024/1024/1024) FROM Limits WHERE limit_name = 'disk_space' AND id = (SELECT value FROM SubscriptionProperties WHERE name = 'limitsId' AND subscription_id = (SELECT id FROM Subscriptions WHERE object_id = (SELECT id FROM domains WHERE id = $SUBID)))"`; echo -e "[i] $SUBNAME: $NEWVAL GB"; echo $NEWVAL >> /tmp/$RESELLER.disk_space; done



Step 3: A list is now displayed. You can now see how much storage space has been allocated next to each user name.






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