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Initial situation

The following error message appears in the syslog:

May 23 19:58:27 hostname systemd[1]: apache2.service: cgroup is empty We found out that some configurations have not been deleted by Plesk generating the issue described.


The following error message appears during the Apache2 configuration test:

AH00112: Warning: DocumentRoot [/var/www/vhosts/web127.sr45.firestorm.ch/httpdocs/test] does not exist
AH00543: apache2: bad user name web127
Action 'configtest' failed.



  1. Make a server backup including all configuration files
  2. cd /etc/apache2/plesk.conf.d
  3. apache2ctl configtest
  4. Notice the user which is displayed in the error message: “apache2: bad user name web127“.
  5. grep web127 -R
  6. Delete all files output by the ‘grep’ command.
  7. You can now rebuild all configuration files during the night as follows:
    # plesk repair web
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