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What is DNSSEC?

DNSSEC is basically an extension of the DNS. DNS stands for “Domain Name System” and represents an important interface between calling up domains and assigning and converting them to suitable IP addresses on the Internet. In order to make this conversion and assignment or the DNS response, which the user receives on his DNS request, more secure, DNSSEC is available.

This in turn stands for “Domain Name System Security Extensions”. The extension checks the authenticity and integrity of the data transmitted in the DNS response. DNSSEC prevents DNS spoofing.

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Why is DNSSEC important?

DNSSEC is automatically activated for all domains in FireStorm.

With the DNSSEC extension, undetected forgery of a DNS response is no longer possible. In addition, the security enhancements are also an important security factor in other online areas. Especially in the area of e-mails, it is possible to send e-mails secured with DANE, which are sent encrypted to the selected server. Here too, third parties are prevented from picking up the e-mails.

Thus DNSSEC not only provides the security for DNS queries, but also provides the security basis for further transcriptions in the network, which must be strongly secured.

The security extension can be used without effort or problems. Basically, Internet users don’t have to do anything at all to use DNSSEC, since the extension is automatically integrated into FireStorm via CDS.

Further information can be found in our news article.

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