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Import Windows Server into Proxmox

Run on the source server

  1. Run Regedit:
  2. Download integration services:
  3. Install viostor from Integration Services
  4. Shutdown server & export VMDK. You can make a file share on the windows server for example and mount the network drive on the proxmox.
    root # mount -t cifs //patternserver.tld/share/ /disk -o user=administrator
  5. import VMDK into Proxmox as HDD
    root # qemu-img check -r all sr00.vhdx
  6. insert HDD at server with ID101
    # qm importdisk 101 /vmdisk/sr569-new.vhdx local-lvm

    Then add HDD in Proxmox as IDE


  7. Attach second HDD with 2 GB memory as VirtuoIO. Boot server and install VirtuoIO driver (Device Manager)
  8. Install Guest Agent (Balloon) and install Virtio Serial Driver, install Ballooning Device and all drivers
  9. Change IDE to VirtuoIO at Proxmox, remove 2nd HDD, boot
  10. Check if GuestAgent is displayed in Summary in PX10
  11. Check number of CPU (several sockets better than 1 depending on license problems)
  12. CPU => change to host instead of default (because faster)
  13. Set memory to xx Gbyte
  14. Device manager => change HID driver to ‘standard bus’. Follow wizard => select driver yourself => select standard bus.
  15. Limit HDD Speed to XYZ Mbyte/s.
  16. Start both Balloon services under ‘Services
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