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Profile information Function

The information that is added to the webpage profile is displayed on your website. Information such as company name and slogan will be used in your website header. You can have other information such as phone number displayed in the footer.


To open the profile of the website:

  1. Click on Site Settings
  2. Click on profile


Basic information

All information added here will be used on your website.

  • When you upload an image for your website logo, the logo appears on the web page. For example, the logo will appear in the head, foot and other places, wherever a logo is needed.
  • When you add a company name, the name of your website is inserted in the header and the metadata is filled in. This metadata is not visible to you, but to Google and other search engines.
  • Headline and slogan appear at the top of your homepage
  • Depending on the template, the company description may appear in the header or footer of the Web site



Example for profile information on the homepage:

  1. The logo of the page in the head area
  2. The company name displayed in the header
  3. The heading and slogan in the features area

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