Convert Ubuntu MBR to GPT

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Du bist hier:
  1. Check if GPT is not enabled
    gdisk /dev/sda
  2. Create a backup of the server
  3. Increase the size of the hard disk if desired
  4. Do without the boot partition to free space at the beginning of the HDD:
    copy /boot/ to /boot2/
    umount /boot
    copy /boot2/ to /boot/
    edit /etc/fstab
  5. Insert bootrepair CD and boot from it
  6. Create a 10 Mbyte partition with Gparted at the beginning. You can use the previously emptied partition ‘boot’. Just delete the boot partition and create a new 10 Mbyte partition.
  7. gdisk /dev/sda (No block error message or similar should be displayed). Activate the GPT partition with ‘w’.
  8. Restart Gparted and mark the 10 Mbyte partition as ‘bios_grub’.
  9. Run the bootrepair wizard
  10. Increase the size of the main partition with Gparted.
  11. Boot the server and execute the following commandlvextend –resizefs -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/sr65–vg-root
    (Please adjust LVM drive names accordingly)
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