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In this guide we describe how to upgrade SQL server on a Plesk server, for example, from SQL Server 2016 Express Edition to SQL Server 2019 Express Edition. And simultaneously change the database name from MSSQLServer2016 to the neutral ‘localhost’

  1. Download the installation wizard from Microsoft and select the Express Edition.
  2. Now launch the downloaded file and select “Download Media” from the wizard.
  3. Choose as language: ENGLISH! Very important!
  4. Start the installer and select ‘Upgrade existing SQL Server’ at the bottom of the list.
    If the installation wizard does not start because the language is not available, make sure that you have set all language regions to Germany, including keyboard input and layout etc. You can set everything back to Switzerland after the installation.
  5. Once the upgrade is complete and the new MSSQL server is installed, restart the server.
  6. After the restart, run the command prompt. And execute the following commands:plesk db
    use psa;
    select * from databaseservers;

    Now read the ID from Microsoft SQL Server and adjust the following command:

    update databaseservers set host = ‘localhost’ where id = ‘2’;
    update databaseservers set port = ‘1433’ where id = ‘2’;
    select * from databaseservers;


  7. Make sure that your SQL Server is locally accessible via port 1433 with the command:telnet localhost 1433 If no connection is established, check in SQL Server Configuration Manager => SQL Server Network Configuration =>Protocols for MSSQLSERVER => Properties TCP => IP Addresses => IPALL that port 1433 is entered.
  8. Now check in Wordpress under Tools & Settings => Database Server => Localhost if the MS SQL Server can be opened.




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