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If you want to connect our mail server to an external name server, the following settings must be made so that you can use our mail server. Please note that with an external name server from another provider, the SPAM and mail function are limited! Among others DNSSec, DANE, DKIM and / or the spam protection does not work or only unreliably. There is a possibility that emails may be incorrectly sorted out by the recipient or sender. FireStorm always recommends using our own name servers, which we maintain and update for you regularly.


  1. Note the two IP addresses (v4 + v6) of your server. You can find the IP address in the web administration under ‘Services => Select Hosting => Hosting Administration’. In this example, the IP addresses are as follows:

    : 2a01:4f8:d0:6701::23

  2. Subsequently, enter the following DNS entries with your name server provider
    : If you can set the * entry, the following entries with the same type are no longer necessary. Replace the domain musterdomain.ch with your own domain name. Replace the IPV4 and IPV6 address with the IP addresses shown in point 1. Note that depending on the packet, only one IPv4 address may be available. In such a case you skip the AAAA entries.


Amusterdomain.ch[IPv4 Adresse]
A*.musterdomain.ch[IPv4 Adresse]
Aautodiscover.musterdomain.ch[IPv4 Adresse]
Aimap.musterdomain.ch[IPv4 Adresse]
Amail.musterdomain.ch[IPv4 Adresse]
Asmtp.musterdomain.ch[IPv4 Adresse]
Apop.musterdomain.ch[IPv4 Adresse]
Awebmail.musterdomain.ch[IPv4 Adresse]
Alists.musterdomain.ch[IPv4 Adresse]
AAAAmusterdomain.ch[IPv6 Adresse]
AAAA*.musterdomain.ch[IPv6 Adresse]
AAAAautodiscover.musterdomain.ch[IPv6 Adresse]
AAAAimap.musterdomain.ch[IPv6 Adresse]
AAAAmail.musterdomain.ch[IPv6 Adresse]
AAAAsmtp.musterdomain.ch[IPv6 Adresse]
AAAApop.musterdomain.ch[IPv6 Adresse]
AAAAwebmail.musterdomain.ch[IPv6 Adresse]
AAAAlists.musterdomain.ch[IPv6 Adresse]
TXTmusterdomain.chv=spf1 include:spf.firestorm.ch -all
TXTdefault._domainkey.musterdomain.chNicht möglich bei externen Server
CAAmusterdomain.ch0 issue "letsencrypt.org"


Our name servers
:dns11.firestorm.ch [, 2a01:4f8:d0:6600::32]
dns12.firestorm-isp.com [, 2a01:4f8:d0:6700::32]


irestorm-isp.com [, 2a01:4f8:d0:6700:ff::32]
dns14.firestorm.ch [, 2a01:4f8:d0:6500::b4]

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