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Reinstall the operating system on the server

To reinstall the operating system for your server, there are several ISO files available.

  1. Navigate to ‘Services’ > ‘My Services’ and open the affected root server, click on the edit button to the right of “Information”.

  2. In the popup that opens now you can insert a new CD / DVD for the server in the form of an ISO file (1). In addition, “CD-ROM” must be set as “Boot Device 1” so that the server will boot from the inserted CD / DVD during the next boot process (2). Now save the setting.

  3. After the desired CD has been inserted, the server must be restarted manually. To do this, return to the server overview and first click on “Shutdown”. As soon as the server has been completely shut down (indicated by the status under “Information”), the server can be restarted by clicking on “Start” and then installed using the console.
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