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To switch your existing website from the old webhoster to our SiteDesigner, proceed as follows:

  1. Order a SiteDesigner package and a domain name via our website (
  2. Log in to the web administration at .
  3. Now create your website with the SiteDesigner by logging into the admin interface at and opening the SiteDesigner.
  4. To transfer and activate the domain to us, send us the transfer code / EPP code / Auth code of your domain.
  5. Don’t forget to cancel your products at the old supplier in time!

If you want to add another domain, proceed as follows:

  1. Order via our website ( your desired domain
  2. During the ordering process you can select your existing storage space and link the domain to it.
  3. Enter your transfer code (EPP code / Auth code) from your previous provider in the order form when ordering.
  4. The domain will now be transferred and connected to your SiteDesigner.
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