DNS Entries in the DNS Package

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Changing DNS Entries in the DNS Package

  1. Log in to the admin interface.
  2. Then open services and click next to the DNS packet on To DNS Administration.


Now you can see your domains. If you want to edit the existing domains, then click on the notepad and on the pen and you can now change or remove the DNS entries there. Note that it takes up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect worldwide.

But if you want to add a new domain, click on New Zone and add the entry as follows:

Which DNS entries can be created?

The following DNS entries can be made:

  • A
  • AAAA
  • CAA
  • DS
  • ISDN
  • LOC
  • MB
  • MD
  • MF
  • MG
  • MR
  • MX
  • NS
  • RP
  • SOA
  • SRV
  • TXT
  • WKS
  • X25


The most important DNS entries and their meaning:

Type Description of the
A The A-entry redirects your website to an IPv4 address
AAAA The AAAA record redirects your website to an IPv6 address
CNAME The CNAME record redirects your website to the IP of an existing website
MX Specify the server that should receive the emails
TXT This allows you to store any text messages. Frequently required for SPF or for verifications.
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