Repair Proxmox Cluster

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Repair Proxmox Cluster

The Primary Cluster Server is offline or pvecm status gives a Quorate = NONE. This only works if you do not use CEPH.

  1. make sure that the primary server is working

    service corosync restart
    pvecm expected 1
    pve-cluster restart
    Please note for the cluster restart: /etc/pve/ must be completely empty, please also remove corosync.conf when starting pve-cluster.
    Check with pvecm status if the server is working. It should be alone now.

  2. Add the remaining servers to the clusterThen restart corosync on each additional server and check with the following command if the cluster is growing. Please restart 1 server after the other!
    service corosync restart
    pvecm status

    It can happen that the server connects to the old cluster. Then please disable Corosync on the server with the old cluster.

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