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Encryption of e-mails

FireStorm’s email servers offer a secure SSL connection for both incoming and outgoing connections. In order to use this secure connection, you need to set the following ports in your e-mail program

SSL port for EmailSMTP
: 465IMAP
: 993POP3
: 995

More information about ports and settings can be found here:


What is encrypted?

  • Webmail access
  • POP / IMAP / SMTP access
  • Mail server to mail server Connection
  • EMail saved on the SSD hard drive


The webmail provided by us uses an SSL certificate to ensure a more secure communication to the mail server.
When using the above ports, your message from Outlook, Iphone, etc. will be transmitted encrypted to our mail server. When
connecting our mail server to another mail server, the emails will be transmitted encrypted using TLS.

Provided the remote terminal also supports TLS.
In addition, all data on the SSD hard disks used by us are also encrypted.

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