Remove Proxmox VM Disk

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Proxmox displays the following error message in WebGui:

lvremove ‘pve/vm-12345-disk-0’ error: Logical volume pve/vm-12345-disk-0 in use. (500)

The hard disk cannot be removed from Proxmox.


  1. Make sure that the DISK is really not used by the machine.
  2. lvremove -f /dev/pve/vm-12345-disk-0 (-f stands for Force)


If it didn’t work, we kill the processes accessing it:

  1. fuser -kuc pve/vm-12345-disk-0
    /dev/dm-11: 9632(root)
  2. kill -9 9632
  3. lvremove -f /dev/pve/vm-177-disk-0
  4. qm rescan

With qm rescan, we scan all available virtual hard disks again for security reasons

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