6.00 System requirements for SiteDesigner

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System requirements SiteDesigner

Web browser and screen resolution for page editing

Recommended” means that this is our preferred browser.

Supported’ means that we test this browser and try to solve any problems.

Not supported’ means that we are not testing this browser. Unsupported browsers can work perfectly, but we can’t help fixing problems with this browser.


Minimal device specifications

For iOS:

– iOS10.x

– iPhone 5, iPad 2 or higher.


For Android:

– Devices of a similar class to Nexus 5.

– Android v6 (Marshmallow) or higher.


For the desktop:

– The minimum resolution is 1280 x 800.

– The recommended resolution is 1440 x 900 or higher.




IPad /IPhone /

IOS 10

Chrome Not supported, but works most of the time. We are working on fixing some problems when redrawing the screen in chrome.
IPad / IPhone/

IOS 10

Safari Recommended
Android v6


Chrome Recommended


Any Not supported.

10.11 +

Chrome Recommended

10.11 +

Safari Supported


Chrome Recommended
Windows 10 Edge Supported
Any of them Firefox Supported
Linux Chrome Recommended
Any of them IE 10 Not supported.
Any of them IE 11 Not supported.
Any of them Opera Not supported.
Windows Safari Not supported.


Microsoft Edge has known issues that currently affect SiteDesigner and many other applications. Until Microsoft fixes these issues, we recommend that you avoid Edge for page editing.

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