6.02 Known restrictions

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Known restrictions

SiteDesigner will be used to create websites for small business users. If it is used reasonably and in accordance with the documentation, it should work well and we will be happy to try to solve problems. If you use the SiteDesigner in contradiction to the documentation or for any other purpose, we unfortunately cannot support you.


File type, number of files and file size

SiteDesigner is not designed to store thousands of images or videos. There is no fixed upper limit, but if you want to store a large number of files, you should contact us for a separate solution.

– Maximum image size is 10Mb.

We recommend embedding host videos with a service like YouTube or Vimeo into your website.

Supported file types






Number of pages

There is no fixed upper limit for the number of pages, but we do not test over 50 pages.


Amount of content on a page

We recommend not to have more than 30 contents on a page, because this will probably make the page very slow to load. We cannot offer support for pages with more than 60 pieces of content.


Frame rate

There is no fixed upper limit for images, but we do not test over 100 images or support more than 300.


Pictorial mass

Minimum supported dimensions: 10×10 px.

Maximum supported dimensions: no maximum limit as long as the image is smaller than 10Mb.


Slideshows and Galleries

For slideshows we support a maximum of 10 images per slideshow and no more than 3 slideshows on one page. With a higher number the page will probably load very slowly. For galleries, we recommend uploading a maximum of 75 small images (~ 10kb per image) or 20 large images (~ 9Mb per image) per gallery widget and 2 galleries on one page.



The SiteDesigner includes the ability to view a web page that is similar to what is displayed on devices such as an iPhone and iPad. This preview is intended to serve as a guide and we cannot guarantee that the preview corresponds exactly to a particular device.

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