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Insights into the modern data center


Our FireStorm web hosting plans are based not only on a great team and reliable software, but also on real hardware. Besides the hardware at our team’s workstations, the hardware in our data centers plays a central role at FireStorm. Because that’s where our servers and all related components are located, which make sure that you can use our web hosting packages with maximum reliability every day. To give you a small insight into the modern data centers of FireStorm, we have compiled all the important points for you in this short article. – We hope you enjoy reading this article!


What is a data center anyway?

A data center is a physical space or a real building that houses a large number of routers and servers. Together with other hardware components, these form a network of computing and storage resources. FireStorm makes use of data centers throughout Europe, but mainly in Switzerland and Germany.

These ensure not only the storage of data, but also the provision of applications, making a data center essential not only for web hosting providers, but also for most digital as well as online activities. While many companies as well as individuals use small parts of huge data centers, other companies as well as government organizations have their own data centers.


A data center is a large network that consists of computing as well as storage resources and is housed in a physical space or real building.


A quick look at the data center

To give you an idea of the data center, we have included four snapshots below this paragraph. While the first two show the long corridors with the many server cabinets, you can see the inner workings of the cabinets and the many individual hardware components in the next two photos.
The servers in FireStorm’s data center have a redundant UPS power supply with 230 volts. In addition, the data center is able to keep the servers accessible even during power outages. For longer interruptions, emergency diesel generators ensure that operations can be maintained for days.
Of course, the server rooms are monitored and secured around the clock, so you don’t have to worry about your data and applications.
The fire alarm system (BMA) constantly monitors the premises. Even the smallest fire will immediately trigger an alarm to the local fire department, which will then be on site within a few minutes. Fire protection doors prevent a fire from spreading to other parts. In addition, we make sure that the data centers are ISO 27001 certified, which ensures that both the confidentiality of information and data security meet the applicable security standards. This is not only sustainably controlled, but also permanently improved.


Using the power of nature

The data centers selected by FireStorm are powered exclusively by 100% carbon dioxide-free green electricity. The electricity for the servers is generated with hydroelectric and wind power park plants. In addition, FireStorm prefers to use hardware with low power consumption. For example, network components are used that only supply power to network connections that are actually in use or that automatically switch devices or network connections to standby when they are not needed.

In the long corridors of the data center are countless cabinets filled with servers as well as other hardware components. On the left is the cold aisle, where the cold air comes from the floor. On the right, the hot aisle, where the warm air escapes into the room.



How do we cool our servers in the data center?

Since the servers in our data center run around the clock, reliable cooling is essential. When it comes to cooling, data center operators are primarily concerned with efficiency and reliability. This is because cooling in the data center often accounts for a decisive share of energy consumption.

Air is used as the coolant for cooling. The cold air is directed below the floor and then through the ventilation slots into the enclosed cold aisle. (See photo). The servers take this cold air, heat the air, and blow it to the back of the server room, where the air can then escape through the slanted skylight.

Therefore, in FireStorm’s data center we work primarily with efficient air cooling, which is based on a special design of the server cabinets and rooms.

In FireStorm’s data center, we therefore work primarily with efficient air cooling, which is based on a special design of the server cabinets and premises. This not only saves us effort and costs, but also allows us to operate the data center in a more energy-efficient, sustainable and reliable manner.


A look inside the cold aisle shows how many individual components are installed here and do their part to ensure that our FireStorm web hosting works reliably.
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