Browser rankings: Edge widens gap to Firefox & Safari again

The browser ranking list in Switzerland is not only interesting, but sometimes even really exciting. Because it is like a real competition in which the best in the world compete in different disciplines for the attention of the public every month. The three most important disciplines in this competition are: 1. Desktop Browser; 2. Mobile browser; 3. Tablet browser. In the end, these add up to an overall rating of all platforms. All data for this short article is based on, which has been tracking user numbers for all browsers since 2009. – We hope you enjoy reading this article about the browser rankings in Switzerland!


The browser rankings in Switzerland from show in the three areas of desktop, mobile and tablet browsers what percentage of the market share each individual browser accounts for.





1. Discipline: Desktop Browser – Chrome is ahead of everyone, but it’s tight behind it!

In the first discipline of desktop browsers in Switzerland, the most important provider ten years ago is no longer really worth mentioning. Because “Internet Explorer” was discontinued in mid-2022 and replaced by “Microsoft Edge”. The desktop browser “Microsoft Edge Legacy”, which was offered in the meantime, has now also been switched off again. However, “Microsoft Edge” has been on the rise since then and falls under “Other” in the graphic below for desktop browsers in Switzerland, of which it makes up a large part.

The other three relevant desktop browsers are “Google Chrome”, “Mozilla Firefox” and “Safari” from Apple. While “Google Chrome” has been steadily expanding its market share for years and will be over 50 percent again in April 2023, the market shares of “Firefox” and “Safari” are slowly but surely declining. However, it is still not entirely clear who will permanently occupy second, third and fourth place among desktop browsers.




The browser rankings of desktop browsers between April 2013 and April 2023 at a glance.




2. Discipline: Mobile Browsers – Safari and Chrome are bored at the top!

In the second discipline of mobile browsers in Switzerland, however, the picture looks somewhat different. Because here the market is almost entirely divided between “Safari” from Apple and “Google Chrome”. Only the Android browser “Samsung Internet” still has a significant market share in April 2023 with a little less than 10 percent. While “Safari” has benefited from the great popularity and spread of Apple smartphones and its longer time on the market, “Google Chrome” has The mobile browsers in Switzerland have now caught up well. However, there are still more than 20 percentage points between the 54 percent of “Safari” and the 33 percent of “Google Chrome” in April 2023.



The browser rankings of mobile browsers between April 2013 and April 2023 at a glance.




3. Discipline: Tablet Browser – Chrome is doing everything it can to knock Safari out of first place!

In the third discipline of tablet browsers in Switzerland, we once again have the two market leaders among mobile browsers at the top. But while “Google Chrome” is only slowly closing the gap to Apple’s “Safari” in the second discipline, “Google Chrome” will probably soon catch up with “Safari” when it comes to tablet browsers. In January 2023, the two were only 4 percentage points apart at times. But in April 2023, the lead of Apple’s “Safari” at 52 percent over “Google Chrome” at 41 percent grew again to more than 10 percentage points. Behind the two, the “Android Browser” got off to a good start years ago, but was quickly left behind by “Google Chrome” and is now no longer a serious competitor among tablet browsers.



The browser ranking of tablet browsers between April 2013 and April 2023 at a glance.





Overall rating: All platforms – Edge clearly in third place behind Chrome and Safari!

In the overall ranking of the browser rankings, the ratings are taken into account in the three disciplines: 1. Desktop Browser; 2. Mobile browser and 3. Tablet browser added together. The result is an exciting race behind the two big favorites “Google Chrome” (in April 2023 with 45 percent market share) and Apple’s “Safari” (in April 2023 with 28 percent market share). With a 14 percent market share in April 2023, “Microsoft Edge” has further expanded its lead over “Mozilla Firefox” with a 7 percent market share in April 2023 and “Samsung Internet” and “Opera”. This means that “Microsoft Edge” is now clearly in third place in the overall browser rankings. But the lead of “Safari” from Apple and “Google Chrome” seems to be unassailable, at least in the coming years.



An overview of the browser rankings across all platforms between April 2013 and April 2023.








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