from school to business woman EFZ

It was 2015, when a young lady had applied to us for an apprenticeship as a businesswoman. After the interview and a trial week in our store, we all knew that we wanted to offer her an internship to prepare her for the KV apprenticeship.

Since the summer of 2015, she has taken on the long journey to work every day. She enjoyed the work, asked us a lot of questions, learned to accept the telephones, webhosting and domain orders, to process the mail and answer emails and looked at the fingers of the employees and got to know the profession as a businesswoman.

After a successful internship year, it was obvious to her to offer an apprenticeship contract as a Kauffrau EFZ. Appreciated by her superiors and popular with her customers, she always did her job reliably and on time. Not only did she have customer contact, she also worked in accounting and human resources and solved any problems professionally. In between she was also allowed to train new taster apprentices and to explain and show their tasks. During the whole time she also got to know the hectic times, while we changed our computer centre, introduced a new accounting software and expanded our location.

Gradually she changed, grew into the tasks and made them her own. She got to know everything necessary for her profession as a businesswoman, which she learnt with us or during lessons and in the Ük and above all, what she acquired herself. So in July 2019 she was invited and celebrated to the graduation ceremony.



It shapes us with pride to watch how the young woman has developed.

On behalf of the entire FireStorm team, we congratulate Mrs. Shala on her successful apprenticeship as an EFZ commercial clerk and look forward to her continuing to be part of our team and wish her all the best for her future training!



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