DNSsec Pioneer Award– FireStorm

The DNSsec Pioneer Award for FireStorm and Secure Internet

Security is particularly important to many people throughout Europe and, of course, also in Switzerland. This is why many people protect themselves from possible dangers in many areas. Even when it comes to data on the Internet, more and more people are demanding higher security standards. With DNSsec, FireStorm has established such a standard for more security on the Internet in Switzerland and was recently awarded the DNSsec Pioneer Award. – In this short article you will learn all the important information about this special award and get some exciting information about DNSsec – Have fun reading!


Here Roger Kunz (left) and Christian Geissler (center) receive the Swiss DNSsec Pioneer Award from Urs eppenberger (right), Head of Registry & Collaboration at Switch



What exactly is the DNSsec Pioneer Award that FireStorm received?

At DNSsec Day 2019, FireStorm received the DNSsec Pioneer Award. This serves as an incentive and as a positive example as well as an honourable award for the use in the DNSsec area. The prize is awarded internationally, which is why FireStorm is the proud winner of the “Swiss DNSSEC Pioneer Award”.

With this award, FireStorm receives great recognition for its use in the DNSsec implementation in Switzerland. Because there are still many security gaps and dangers in the Internet, which were pointed out in the course of DNSsec Day 2019. Not only the international DNS hijacking campaigns, but also regular cyber attacks on government organizations, companies and private individuals were highlighted.



In Switzerland, there are only 5 percent registered DNSsec signed domain names. – FireStorm wants to change this bit by bit.




Why exactly did FireStorm receive the Swiss DNSsec Pioneer Award?

Since Switzerland unfortunately performs very poorly in the area of Internet security standards in European comparison, the focus here is particularly on pioneers, i.e. pioneers of Internet security. In Switzerland, there are only about five percent registered DNSsec signed domain names. The Netherlands, the role model for many European countries when it comes to Internet security, has a record of 54 percent.

FireStorm wants to close this gap with its commitment to DNSsec. This is why the web host has been implementing the security standard for some time now. FireStorm has developed a system that signs all domain names of FireStorm customers. This makes FireStorm a real pioneer in Switzerland and supports companies as well as private individuals on their way to more security on the Internet.

FireStorm is very proud to receive this award. Numerous experts and companies as well as many other guests were present at the DNSsec Pioneer Awards ceremony to see how Roger Kunz and Christian Geissler received the award for FireStorm. FireStorm sees the award not only as confirmation of its own work, but also as an incentive to continue to focus on Internet security in the future and to continuously improve its own services.

What is DNSsec and what are the advantages for FireStorm customers?

DNSsec is an extension of the domain name system (DNS). This extension provides more security on the Internet through greater authenticity and integrity through cryptographic signing. Since FireStorm already implemented this standard some time ago, FireStorm customers benefit from the most secure domains in Switzerland.

In the article “DNSsec – The most secure domains are available at FireStorm” from 27 March 2019, we have already compiled all the important facts and information about DNSsec and its advantages. – Click here for the DNSsec News article.

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