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All important new features of WordPress 5.5

At the beginning of August, the publisher of the popular CMS and modular system for websites, has released its latest update “Eckstein”. With WordPress 5.5 there are now some new possibilities for the users, which could be surely useful for one or the other without any question. However, this is not an incredibly far-reaching update with new features in all areas, but rather a useful update with some nice new features. Exactly these we want to present to you in this short article. Because many FireStorm Webhosting customers use WordPress for building and managing their own websites.

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The most important new features of WordPress 5.5 at a glance

The second version of WordPress in 2020 comes mainly with some improvements in various areas. For example, the Gutenberg Editor, i.e. the text editor in WordPress, has been heavily revised. But also the newly integrated sitemap and easier theme and plugin updates via upload are added. Furthermore, there is now the integrated lazy-loading of images in the internationally popular CSM system. In the following paragraphs we will briefly summarize the different innovations in the individual areas for you:

WordPress 5.5 comes with some innovations in various areas like the block editor, the UI design or the integrated sitemap and thus increases not only the functionality but also the usability.




New features in the text editor

The well-known Gutenberg text or block editor has received several updates at once. There was not only a fresh UI design, but also new block design tools and new block patterns. Furthermore, there is now the possibility of online image editing, block categories and a new block inserter panel. Furthermore, the block directory and the overview of the new block updates have been added.


Easier updates for themes & plugins

The new WordPress 5.5 update not only increases functionality and usability, but also security. Because with Auto-Updates the software is always up to date for you, even if you don’t check in regularly and install new updates manually. This function was already available in parts since WordPress 3.7, but now it also includes all themes and plugins. Furthermore, with WordPress 5.5 you can now update themes and plugins from a .zip file.


Lazy-loading for images

With the help of the new lazy loading, the page loading time and the performance of your website is directly improved. What was previously only possible by installing additional plugins is now WordPress Standard. This is an innovative optimization technique that postpones the loading of not directly needed media, especially pictures, until they are actually needed.


Integrated XML Sitemaps

WordPress 5.5 comes with a new XML Sitemap feature for which you do not need a plugin. Under /wp-sitemap.xml you can now find the indexed sitemap of your website, which can contain up to 2,000 URLs. It contains the classic object types like the start page and the posts page as well as main and user-defined post types, core and inch taxonomies and author archives.


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